Friday, May 19, 2017

5/19/17 Friday May19, 2017 (36kg C&P ladders, 36kg 2H SW)

6:15am - belly breathing, Primal Move practice, lacrosse ball release, hamstring work  - 30 minutes

6:45am - Kettlebell warm up

1/2K halos - 8kg, 4X each side / each leg (total 16X)
1/2K halos - 12kg, 4X each side / each leg (total 16X)
Arm bar 16kg, 1+1
Crooked Arm bar 16kg with 3 presses and rotations, 1/1

7:00am- Training session - 36kg C&P ladders, 2H SW ladder

24kg TGU+windmill  x 1/1
24kg GSq x 5
DB 16kgs batwings x 5/5

24kg C&P x 5/5
32kg C&P x 1/1
32kg C&P x 2/2

36kg C&P x 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 (set the bell down between hands)

note - fail on the R side on the 1st set of 5 with 3/3.  Did not get the 3rd rep.  Had to put the bell down and then re-clean for that rep.

30 C&P per arm

36kg 2H SW x 10

50 total swings

Band wrist extensions, 10 x 2 sets per hand
6lb sledgehammer hammer rotations, 10/10
6lb sledgehammer finger walks, 1/1, x 2

7:40am - Complete

Notes - So this was great, but something interesting happened.  I had a fail on the R side on my first set for the 3/3, not getting the 3rd rep.  I was irate.  I think my breathing was off, and I got stuck coming out of the rack and could not get past the sticking point.  I was thinking to myself "here we go again" as this was my first set of the day.  However, I re-focused, tried to clean up my set-up (pushing toes into the ground), and work on breathing between each clean (exhale into the hole, then a quick inhale to get tight into the rack).  This helped.  Though each set of 3/3 was challenging on the R side, I got all the reps, and they were solid, not grinding reps.  The L side was easy money, never a concern.  It's a weird thing.  My L press is really, really good but the R just is not as good - and I am right-handed.  It's definitely a technique thing as well as asymmetries I think in my body between the hips and shoulders and how they tie together (I think from baseball primarily).  In any event, a good final day for this cycle overall and something to be proud of.

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