Sunday, June 18, 2017

6/17/17 Saturday June 17, 2017 (32kg PR, 2H SW ladder)

7:20am - belly breathing, Primal Move practice, lacrosse ball release, hamstring work  - 15 minutes

7:35am - Kettlebell warm up

1/2K halos - 8kg, 4X each side / each leg (total 16X)
1/2K halos - 12kg, 4X each side / each leg (total 16X)
Arm bar 16kg, 1+1
Crooked Arm bar 16kg with 3 presses and rotations, 1/1

7:50am- Training session - 32kg PR, 2H SW ladder

24kg TGU x 1/1
48kg DL x 5

24kg PR x 5/5
32kg PR x 2/2

32kg PR x 5/5

32kg 2H SW x 10
36kg 2H SW x 10
40kg 2H SW x 10

Band wrist extensions, 10 x 2 sets per hand
6lb sledgehammer hammer rotations, 10/10
6lb sledgehammer finger walks, 1/1, x 2

8:35am - Complete

Notes - Good training session. I was a little wary here as my left trap had been acting up and I had done quite a bit of lacrosse ball work, mobility work, but by the time I started to train, it was feeling fine, and I eases into things to make sure I was feeling ok. Once I did the warm up set of doubles with the 32kg, I was good.  Focused on shoulder packing, and pressing from the lat, and everything felt good.  Writing this on Sunday, had a great day with my kids and Leah and her family yesterday, went to Bainbridge Island, and I got a great night's sleep.  Time to enjoy Father's Day!

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